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This website – like its sister blog – WAS based on the uniform
of the former Adwick School. However, due to the distance that the author feels has arisen with Brexit between himself and where he came from, this peculiar feature of this blog has sadly been discontinued. You can nonetheless see the school theme when you view content on the Blog Archive.


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Yorkshire Viking Renovation

I shall write more on this at the weekend. This blog is once again active, and I have radically changed the colour scheme.

The reasons for this you will find on the archive page, where eventually all the older posts will be stored. I don’t intend to slag off the people of Doncaster where I came from. The break has now been made. The old school theme is discontinued, and I and this blog are going in a new direction.

My logo, though not as prominent as it was on the older theme, is still present in the favicon you should see in the address line. I shall also try to re-include it in the new theme, although again, somewhat “toned down”. I have not changed it, since although I completely distance myself from the Euro sceptic views of Doncaster, that is where I came from – and the logo shows both where I am today and my origins, as well as my Christian Faith. So the logo shall not be discontinued and you will certainly see it again.

More coming soon on Yorkshire Viking…

Post-Brexit Archive

As you will by now have seen, the Yorkshire Viking has not been updated a while. I was firstly dispirited by the new laws in Norway that came into effect in 2014. Since then, however, many things have happened; the political world is scarcely recognizable today after the British vote to leave the EU. In terms of how that has realigned how I identify with myself, and my relationship to the place I grew up, it has ruled out reactivating a blog that proudly displayed the colours of Adwick School.

I have indeed decided to restart Yorkshire Viking. However, the whole site will be updated. As for the logo, that looks like it will stay, even though that is based upon Adwick too. The reason is that that is something which I have created to stand for me. It is a derivative work of my own. Furthermore, although I see myself as utterly estranged from a community that has (as I see it) stabbed my grandparents’ generation and my own upbringing in the back, I cannot deny that I did come from it – and I see no sense in trying to erase that which denotes my origins in the logo.

For this same reason, indeed, neither will the Yorkshire Viking Site disappear either. It will be archived – complete in its present form – and accessible from the revamped blog.