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This website – like its sister blog – WAS based on the uniform
of the former Adwick School. However, due to the distance that the author feels has arisen with Brexit between himself and where he came from, this peculiar feature of this blog has sadly been discontinued. You can nonetheless see the school theme when you view content on the Blog Archive.

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Language Policy


The language of Yorkshire Viking Norway shall be in conservative Modern English. That shall be understood as what was good English when my parents were alive. The language of the blog shall also be as concise as possible.

The sister blog, though governed by Norwegian rules, shall show the same conservatism. The common goal of both shall be efficient expression of meaning using the least possible words.

Special Considerations

“Shall” and “will” have different meanings. So do “should” and “would”. Yorkshire Viking Norway shall unswervingly use the rule of traditional British English. “Whom” is the objective form of the relative and interrogative pronoun “who”. Yorkshire Viking Norway shall not use “who” in the objective case.

Yorkshire Viking Norway does not, and will not recognize the term “student” as used by many “academies” in the United Kingdom (and neither do we recognize that appellation for “school” notwithstanding that the English Parliament created it). Consequently this blog shall maintain the traditional distinction between “pupil” and “student”, and shall not use the term “academy” except it be as a proper noun.

Poetic Register

The second person singular is archaic except in poetic usage. This may apply in any apostrophe, but shall always apply in (apostrophic) address to Adwick School. In the third person singular, the poetic register is shown by the use of the “-eth” verb ending, instead of the normal “-s” suffix. This may especially apply when the subject of the verb is Adwick School.

Adwick School (special modification of Tense)

If Adwick School be the subject of a verb, regardless of that verb’s grammatical person the tense shall be specially modified, and the imperfect tense shall never be employed. Instead of the usual imperfect tense, in such cases the perfect present shall be employed. The historical present tense may also be used. Note: that this special use does not apply to the buildings that once were Adwick School, but the wider community spread around the whole globe that has been Adwick School.

The tense of the verb shall also be so modified where Adwick School is used attributively, as a predicative, or showing origin or cause. Hence, “I have been a pupil of Adwick School”. BUT “I was a pupil of Don Valley High School”.

The imperfect tense shall not be used in these cases, even where it is used elsewhere. Thus “Doncaster North Technology College took over the premises before the present academy, but Adwick School has now been history for over a decade already”.