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This website – like its sister blog – WAS based on the uniform
of the former Adwick School. However, due to the distance that the author feels has arisen with Brexit between himself and where he came from, this peculiar feature of this blog has sadly been discontinued. You can nonetheless see the school theme when you view content on the Blog Archive.

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Welcome to Yorkshire Viking Norway. Do not confuse it with any other Yorkshire Viking. Believe it or not there is at least one! When this blog was launched two years ago, I did not know that. Later I discovered another Yorkshire Viking in another country, and on another domain. So in order to avoid any confusion with that or any other blog of the same name, the identifier “Norway” was added later.

Perhaps the Only Living Expression of Adwick Uniform

  1. As far as possible the colours in Yorkshire Viking Norway shall be in accordance with those of the (former) Adwick School uniform.
  2. Although we reserve the right to use colour photography, black and white shall be preferred. This also keeps the blog within the strict colour scheme (green, white, black and gray).
  3. The logo is my own, but clearly based on the original school one.
  4. In recognition of Adwick School’s special place, Yorkshire Viking Norway has its own Language Policy providing for special treatment if the subject of a sentence or verb is Adwick School.

Although the product of Adwick’s past, this blog has absolutely no connection to the present academy. Nevertheless we encourage links both from past Adwick pupils and those who represent today’s community.