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This website – like its sister blog – WAS based on the uniform
of the former Adwick School. However, due to the distance that the author feels has arisen with Brexit between himself and where he came from, this peculiar feature of this blog has sadly been discontinued. You can nonetheless see the school theme when you view content on the Blog Archive.

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Busy Weekend

Well I promised to write a post this weekend. So although this is short, let me fill you in.

In Lødingen we – that is my colleague Jan Eirik Flakstad and I – are joining forces, and in our free time setting out to form a boys’ choir. This weekend I have set up the webpage on www.guttekor.net. It is now running on WordPress. You’ll see more details shortly.

Sadly the work on that prevented me doing much on this. However, given that we have run into opposition to our project (because we are doing this independent of the church which employs us), you can expect not a little controversy in the nearest future.

Nevertheless we are resolved. We will not be put off, though it looks like it could cost us considerably if we have to pay for our own practice venue.

More shortly.